Ways to Thank Patients

Ways to Thank Patients

Most medical offices are so busy and are trying to keep up with patients or the everyday problems within their practice, there’s no time for thanking the patients that have been loyal to physicians for many years.  Some people may think that it’s a business and we don’t need to thank anyone, others feel that if it weren’t for the patients they would have no practice.  With that said, what’s wrong with saying thank you?  Below are some reasons to thank your patients who may be new to your practice or patients that have been loyal to you throughout the years.  Focus on customer service!

1.  Does your office staff send out friendly reminders or thank you cards to patients?

2.  Do you have a monthly newsletter sent to patients?

3.  Have you ever conducted a secret-shopper experience in your medical practice?

4.  Can your receptionist welcome patients new and old with a warm smile and genuine attitude?

5.  How long are patients being put on hold for?

6.  What is the tone of the office staff?

7.  Are the nurses or back office assistants helpful to patients?

8.  Does everyone in the office thank each patient for their visit?

9.  Is the office staff courteous on the phone when speaking to them?

Advertise and market the office.  Take an ad out in a local paper and offer specials to patients.  Physicians could offer specials to patients that are paying cash.  Reward patients with a monetary incentive off their 3rd or 4th visit.

Keep tract of inactive patients.  You should always maintain a recurring relationship with all your patients.  If they don’t receive any sort of communication from you throughout the year, how are you ever going to have any sort of valuable relationship?  Make sure that you especially target the patients that have been inactive.  Have a staff member call them and ask them how they are doing.  You could even send them a card to thank them for being a loyal patient and let them know that they are missed and you are willing to help them with their needs.

Patient’s always want to know they are important and the physician they are seeing cares for them personally.  Taking the time to reflect on patients and putting their needs in the forefront is key to a having a successful record of return patients to a physician’s office.  It’s not only a moral way of handling your practice but it’s a way to show that you and your staff really care about the well-being of your patients and their health.  In turn that makes a good reflection on the medical community and you as a physician.

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