Back in the early 90’s I was a single mom raising two boys.  I needed a way to feed and support them after all; I had two little adorable faces dependent on me.  As a way to supplement my income I started learning Medical Billing and found this to be an industry that provided stability and a continuous income.   I have been a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) since 1992 and today I am also a Medical Billing and Insurance Coding Instructor helping others learn this exciting rewarding career!   

Over the years I have worked with some pretty extraordinary physicians who are compassionate, caring and loving.  They love their patients and their patients LOVE them!  But they struggle with the business part or administrative part of their practice.  As you probably know there are two sides to a practice.  There is a “service” side and then there is a “business” side.  The business side is the one they struggle with and frankly I found out that most of them would prefer to not be bothered with the administrative side so they could just focus on what they went to school for, taking care of the patient.

So I have helped them streamline the “business” side of their practice by automating a lot of their processes and centralizing it all in one place.  And because of this physicians that work with me not only love their patients but they have learned to love me too, because I have increased their cash flow, freed up a lot of their time and relieved major stress!  I have given them a system to use with a click of the finger to track the process and monitor the results.  In addition, since we don’t get paid until the doctor does, it’s an even greater incentive for doctors to want to work with me.  They pay us a percentage of what is collected, not what is billed.  They have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Running the administrative side of physician offices I have seen how timely, accurate billing practices and efficient operations both made and saved their bottom line. After years filing claims, following up with insurance companies and patients and jumping through collections hoops, I decided to bring my step-by-step system and knowledge to other healthcare providers through MariAnn Medical Billing Service.  

You are probably wondering why my name is Marina and the company name is MariAnn.  That is because the first four letters are from my name and the last three letters are from my Mom’s name which is Annette; she’s my greatest inspiration.  Oh and by-the-way, I love to reflect on how well my two sons turned out and guess what?  At present I am now a proud grandmother of 3 (2 boys +1 girl)


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